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The S'Lowdown

Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

12 January 2022
Nature Diaries

For a long time I was a city dweller, with a daily commute and a landscape that was largely concrete, and while I enjoyed my job and spent time with my friends – my mental health suffered…

11 January 2022

But where does it come from – how long has it featured on our breakfast tables?…

10 January 2022
The S’Lowdown on Hedgelaying

Visitors to Swallowtail Hill may have noticed that our established hedgerow is traditionally laid. Or to be more accurate you might simply have noticed that our hedgerow looks…

9 January 2022
The S’Lowdown on The Lost Words

We so often see children arrive for their holidays glued to devices, horrified to discover that there’s no tv in their cabin – but when they leave, smiling and joyful having spent time getting muddy…

8 January 2022
The S’Lowdown on: The Globe Inn Marsh

The Globe shares many of the values we hold dear at Swallowtail Hill. First – all of their food is locally sourced. They champion local producers, ensuring that…

7 January 2022
Guilt Free Travel and Tourism – The Truth

This time of year is when many of us start planning holidays, so it felt pretty timely for us to talk about green tourism, given that’s…

6 January 2022
#KidsOffGrid – Make Your Own Bird Feeder

At this time of year our feathered friends could do with a helping hand. Many of us already have bird feeders in our gardens or on our patios…

5 January 2022
Rest & Reset – My Slow Start To 2022

Is it any wonder many of us feel the January blues when we’re surrounded by messages telling us to dive into the new year full of vim…

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