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Terms & Conditions.

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Bookings and Payments

The dates of your booking will be held upon payment of a non-refundable deposit of 15% or payment in full. On receipt of the deposit, a booking confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours, containing the details of your stay and of payments made and due. If you have not received your booking confirmation within the specified time, please notify us as soon as possible.

Where a deposit has been paid, full balance payment will be due two weeks before your check in date and a reminder will be sent to you the day prior to this date, where applicable, by email. If you are unable to pay the balance by the stated due date, you will forfeit your deposit and your booking will be cancelled.

Swallowtail Hill only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years of age. Swallowtail Hill reserves the right, at all times, without statement of reasons, to refuse a booking.

When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by post or email.


The prices featured on the website are not binding; Swallowtail Hill reserves the right to modify these prices. At the time of booking, you will be informed of the prices applicable. The price stated on the confirmation invoice is binding.


Cancellation by You: Cancellation by you at any time will result in your deposit being forfeited, as all deposits are non-refundable. All monies paid for a holiday (deposit and balance) are non-refundable within two weeks before check in date. Cancellation of any holiday after it has been paid in full and at a date two week or more in advance of your check in date, will result in forfeiture of your deposit (or an amount equivalent where one was not paid as the holiday was paid in full) and the balance being returned to you.

Cancellation by Us: Swallowtail Hill reserves the right to cancel a holiday in the event of extreme weather. In this event you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule your break or be refunded the booking fee net of your non-refundable deposit. Swallowtail Hill reserves the right to cancel a holiday at short notice if we are unable to provide safe accommodation due to extreme conditions, ill health, fire or any other extenuating circumstance. Under such unlikely circumstances you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule your break or be refunded the booking fee net of your non-refundable deposit. Refunds will be issued in the same form that payment was originally made – so a booking made by gift voucher will be refunded in the form of another gift voucher. Swallowtail Hill cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss caused by cancellation.

You are strongly advised to obtain insurance cover against the risk of any cancellation or postponement of your booking for whatever reason.

We offer the option of adding Booking Protect at the point of making your booking. Booking Protect is a third-party supplier and Swallowtail Hill is not responsible for claims made. Please read the Booking Protect terms and conditions before making your decision to purchase this cover.

Group bookings

It is the right of Swallowtail Hill to refuse group bookings if we feel that this may be of detriment to other guests staying on the farm.


Check-in times are staggered in order to allow our staff enough time between bookings to carry out thorough cleaning. You will be given an allocated time of arrival, if you think you may be later than this, please get in touch as soon as possible as we will need to ensure someone is here to meet you. Early check-ins cannot be offered to guests.

We charge £10 for arrivals after 8.30pm as these necessitate us keeping staff on after hours.


Check-out times are staggered in order to allow our staff enough time to collect guests and bring them back to the barnyard with their luggage and settle their bills. Late checkouts cannot be offered to guests.

Day visitors

In principle, you can receive visitors during your stay at Swallowtail Hill. We ask that you contact us first if you have a visitor request. To maintain the ambience and atmosphere of Swallowtail Hill, we limit day visitors to one family per booking during your stay.

Pets / Dogs

We have livestock and free-range deer on the farm and as such we have a strict NO PETS / DOGS policy.

Guest Behaviour

The Holiday; guest conditions of occupancy and conduct:
The Guests have the right to occupy the Property for the paid for holiday period only (within the meaning of Schedule 1 Paragraph 9 of the Housing Act 1988). Guests undertake to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner with due respect to the Owner, the Property and other guests and their property. If any guest behaves inappropriately or improperly (of which the Owner will be the final judge on their property), or illegally, the Owner reserves the right to ask the guest and their party (at their discretion) to leave the Property before the end of the holiday period. Any refund for so doing will be at the entire discretion of the Owner. In addition, the Owner reserves the right to sue the guest for any loss, damage or injury caused to the Owner, the Property or to other guests and/or their property.

Swallowtail Hill has rules which must be observed in an effort to minimise risk of harm, loss or damage to property and individuals. By making your booking you are undertaking to observe these rules of conduct throughout your stay on site and to ensure that each and every member of your group does the same. We, the owners, ask that you behave in a proper, appropriate and considerate manner with due respect to us, our family, our staff, our animals, our property, other guests and their property. If you or any person in your group breaches this provision, we reserve the right to ask you and your party to leave the site before the end of the booked period and refuse any future bookings from you or any member of your group.

• We ask that guests use the contents of your accommodation with all due respect, safety and for the purpose for which they are intended and in a competent manner, and not to damage, break or deface any such items.

• We ask guests to inform us promptly upon becoming aware of such matters, of any loss or damage to any of the contents of your accommodation or any other equipment, structures or materials on the site.

• We ask that you do not bring to the site any firearms, hunting equipment, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, confetti, balloons, drones, pets or any other animals.

• We ask that you do not smoke in your accommodation.
• We ask that you do not litter anywhere on the site.
• We ask that you do not feed the animals on site.
• We ask that you do not disturb livestock on site.

At the end of your stay you must ensure that:
• Your accommodation and its contents are left in a tidy condition.
• That all rubbish and refuse in and around your accommodation is placed in the bins provided
• That all dishes, crockery and utensils are properly washed up and returned to their cupboards and drawers.

Security Deposits

Swallowtail Hill requires a security deposit to be held for each guest booking. Guests must supply credit card details so that we can pre-authorise a hold of £50 on your card from one day before your break begins until the housekeeping team has completed checks and cleaning after you depart. The £50 deposit will be released back to you, the guest, less any costs for damage, breakages, stains, or missing items. Swallowtail Hill will also make a charge if additional cleaning has been required as a consequence of the condition you have left your accommodation in. The security deposit will be released or charged within 7 days of the end of a guest’s stay and Swallowtail Hill will notify guests when this has happened.

Lost Property

Should we discover any personal items have been left on site after your stay we will return them to you by 2nd class post at a minimum charge of £5. You are responsible for paying all postage costs associated with lost property and the costs must be paid before we post any lost property to you. We only retain lost property for one month from the date of your stay, after which we donate the item to a local charity shop.

Breach of Booking Conditions:

If there is a breach of any of these conditions by the Guest or any of their party, the Owners reserve the right to re-enter the Property and end the holiday and ask the Guest and their party to leave in addition to their other rights specified in these Booking Conditions. Ending the Holiday by the Owners or the Guests does not affect that party’s other rights and remedies. Governing Law and Jurisdiction Any dispute will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Authority to Sign

The person who signs the Booking Form certifies that: he or she is authorised to agree the Booking Conditions on behalf of all persons included in the Booking Form, including those substituted or added at a later date; the signatory is over eighteen years of age; they agree to take responsibility for the party occupying the Property, and to notify the Owners if they are not a member of the holiday party.

Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of the Owners: – for death or personal injury caused by the Owners’ negligence – for any matter which it would be illegal for the Owners to exclude or attempt to exclude their liability.
The swimming in ponds and climbing of trees and any other activity on the Owners’ land is the responsibility of the Guest and is done so at their own risk.

Assumption of Risks

You will be staying on a working farm with live animals and potentially dangerous farm equipment amongst other hazards. Whilst we take great care to keep you safe, accidents can happen, and we are not held responsible for such accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law). It is your responsibility to supervise any children in your party. If you notice that any equipment looks faulty and/or unsafe you must inform staff as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance against the risk of accidents and your stay being cut short.


Swallowtail Hill accepts no liability for: theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay at Swallowtail Hill; falling into defect or putting out of action of technical equipment and loss or closure of supplies at Swallowtail Hill. The guest and those who accompany him or her, are jointly and severally responsible for all loss and/or damage which arises, for Swallowtail Hill and or any third party as a direct or an indirect consequence of their stay, irrespective of whether this was caused through actions or refraining from actions by themselves or by third parties, who are at Swallowtail Hill their making, as well as of all damage which is caused by any animal and/or matter which they have under their responsibility. If you leave your accommodation in an improper condition, additional cleaning costs can be charged.

Force majeure

Force majeure applies if the implementation of the agreement is entirely or partially, temporarily or permanently, prevented due to circumstances which are beyond the control of Swallowtail Hill Ltd including threat of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, floods, pandemic, act of God, or act or advice of government. In the event of force majeure leading to Swallowtail Hill Ltd being unable to meet its commitment under the agreement you will be offered a rescheduled booking, or a refund of your booking fee net of the non-refundable deposit as per the prices paragraph in these terms and conditions.


Despite all the care of Swallowtail Hill it could occur that you have a genuine complaint. You must take up this complaint with the owners immediately, in order to allow us to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Should the complaint not be settled to your satisfaction, then you have the option, up to 14 days after your departure, to submit the complaint in writing or by email to Sarah Broadbent, Swallowtail Hill Ltd.

Validity clause in the event that a court finds that a condition in these Booking Conditions is illegal or void, the illegal or void provision will be severed from the remainder of the Booking Conditions, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.

Promotional Activity

From time to time, we run promotional activity to incentivise guests to book. Such promotional activities may include the issuing of discount codes via email voucher to potential guests. Those in receipt of a discount code on an email voucher will have the terms clearly stated. There is no cash alternative. The discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. The discount code is for the booking of one accommodation space only. Bookings are always subject to availability. The discount code is valid for the amount of time stated on the voucher.

Newsletter Sign Up Promotion

From time to time, we run promotions where we offer new sign ups to our newsletter via our website a code for a 10% discount off their first booking. This is a one-time use code; it cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. The discount is a one-time offer for a sign up to the newsletter against one name, address and email – repeat sign-ups will not be allocated a further discount. The discount is for the booking of one accommodation space only. There is no cash alternative. Bookings are always subject to availability.


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