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Meet the people behind the place!

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It’s the people behind Swallowtail Hill that make it the place so many of you return to time again.

While our landscape and our unique cabins and cottages may be the reasons you first discover us, it’s the people behind Swallowtail Hill that make it the place so many of you return to time and time again.  Anyone that thinks running a business like this is easy peasy would be wrong – it’s super hard work and we couldn’t do it without our dream team. They are the ones who make sure Swallowtail Hill is always a place of comfort and rest, and who ensure your welcome is a warm one.

Meet Our Fabulous Team


…has helped shape the Swallowtail Hill landscape alongside Christopher over the last 25 years. It is her pride and passion. Glamping was just a fledgling industry when she recognised that Swallowtail Hill was the perfect place for short breaks in unusual accommodation and we’ve been at the forefront of that trend ever since.  Queen of lists and keeping the business running smoothly – when she’s not in the office or out on site, she can mostly be found looking for her big bunch of site keys which she famously loses around 83 times a day.  Prior to creating Swallowtail Hill Sarah had a long career in travel PR and corporate communications (basically she’s good with words and talking to media). Aside from Swallowtail Hill she’s an executive board member of our region’s destination marketing organisation – 1066 Country Marketing, and she’s Vice Chair of Rye Chamber of Commerce.


…began to create Swallowtail Hill as a nature reserve over 30 years ago and has told his children it’s a 100-year project, so be prepared. Over these decades, through trial and error, and with the energetic assistance of Sarah, it has become an almost unique landscape of hugely diverse wildflower meadows, brimming hedgerows, ponds, streams and high value woodland ecosystems. Turning his passion into a job, in 2010 he co-founded what is now one of the world’s most respected strategic sustainability consultancies, The Robertsbridge Group, with clients in Asia, Europe, and north and south America. So sometimes he just isn’t to be found at the farm but in a rainforest far away.


…is Sarah’s right-hand-woman – she heads up the guest services team and has long been part of the Swallowtail Hill family.  She’s in it for life now, we’re never letting her go!  She is a powerhouse of energy and keeps the show on the road with great skill. Our accommodation is kept gleaming by Chloe and the housekeeping team and she’s often on duty welcoming guests when they arrive. And that’s not all. Chloe is also our chef – so all of your campfire suppers, picnics and teas are down to her culinary skill. Chloe’s motto should be ‘never knowingly underfeeds’ as her portions are as generous as they are tasty.


…has been with the team for two years and we don’t know how we ever coped without her. No matter what we task her with, she tackles everything with enthusiasm and good humour. Super hardworking and great at multi-tasking you might find her on the housekeeping team one day, checking in guests the next, or working on marketing strategy with Sarah in the office. She’s about to embark on a career in accountancy but we very much hope that we might steal her back from time to time on the weekends when we need an extra pair of hands.


…has a solid 3 years under her belt with Swallowtail Hill, and although she’s spread her wings now and is developing her career as a Safe Systems of Work Planning Consultant, she returns with regularity to help out. Attention to detail is Daisy’s great skill and she’s also super artistic – the chalkboards in the shop are all her marvellous handiwork.


…is the queen of linen! If you’ve never stopped to think about what it takes to keep a hospitality business like ours running smoothly – then we have one word – LAUNDRY. Most days she’s found behind the steam press keeping our 400 thread count linens pressed and ready. But Sian has had an incredibly varied career – from dance and theatre to event organisation and gardening – she has the best stories and we’re eternally grateful to have her at the laundry-helm.


…can be found in the office, so while many of you won’t have met her, you’ll certainly have had an email from her about your stay. She’s the only person who can understand Sarah’s scribbles and she keeps the books in order.


…is our secret weapon, our virtual assistant who keeps you all up to date on your bookings and makes sure you have all the info you need. She’s an organisational whizz and sends the cheeriest emails we’ve ever read. She does all that while running her own website design and development business too, so we’re very grateful and super lucky to grab her for some Swallowtail Hill time!


…joins us to strengthen the team during our high seasons. She’s currently studying Biochemistry at Imperial College, London University and a stellar science career awaits we’re sure, but for now we love having her back when her schedule allows.  And keep reading and look closely because Tabitha and team member Samantha are twins!


…also joins us during our busy seasons. She’s currently studying Law at Nottingham University, but when she’s not doing that, she’s also a talented writer and artist.  We’re astonished she has any other time to spare, so we’re always very pleased when she re-joins our team in her holidays.


…keeps everything mown, maintained and in good order around Swallowtail Hill.  From processing the recycling, to fixing broken furniture, unblocking sinks – every business like ours needs a Jason!

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Then there’s the team! The Superheroes of Swallowtail! Sarah, Christopher, Chloe & the entire team – they go above & beyond for their guests & for the planet. We love their passion for conservation & just being at Swallowtail Hill makes you more climate conscious (& more importantly makes our children more climate conscious).

Everything the team works towards here is about creating the perfect place to rest and recharge

Swallowtail Hill’s values are built on our firm belief that when we slow down and appreciate the moment we’re in that we have a chance to not only calm our own busy brains but to reconnect with our loved ones too. Being outdoors and close to nature is our recipe for well-being and it reminds us just how valuable our planet is.

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