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Champions for outdoor adventures and having plenty of unplugged fun…

What makes a Kid Off Grid? Well it’s simple – are you a kid on holiday here? And are you having fun outdoors? If you are then you’re definitely a KID OFF GRID and you’re one of our gang. HELLO! We’re very happy to have you here.

What do you mean there’s no TV?!  Yes that’s right – no TV here, no electricity for computer games or tablets or phones either. WOW!  How does that sound? Maybe you might think it sounds boring. NO WAY!   We promise you’ll forget about TV while you’re here because there are LOADS of places to explore and lots of fun and games to have outdoors!

First you’ll discover your cottage or cabin, then you might want to grab your farm map and go start exploring. As night-time gets closer you might learn how to light a camp fire and get to toast some yummy marshmallows. You might sit round the fire and tell stories after dark! We’ve lots of suggestions for things to do – just take a look below…

My Swallowtail Hill fave…

“…it has to be laying by the fire, toasting marshmallows.”

Campfire Cook Ups!

How about learning some campfire cooking skills with one of our Kids Off Grid snack boxes?

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Top Things To Do!

There are always ideas for things to do in the farm shop – you’ll find activity sheets and scavenger hunts – grab a clipboard and a pencil and set off on a search.

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Are You a Green Guardian?

We think its really important to look after our planet – do you? We have a quiz to see if you can discover all the things we do here to help the environment and look after nature.

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Adventures You Can Have!

Explore our woods and build a den. Visit the woodland theatre and put on a show.

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The Places You Can Visit

You might visit the beach and have a paddle? Or visit a castle and step back in time!

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The Activities You Might Try

You could hire an activity kit to learn a new skill while you’re here. Or maybe you’re going out for the day – how about a horse ride? Or a paddleboarding lesson?

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Your kids off grid checklist

Plan the adventures you want to have when you’re here with us
Pack your wellies and outdoor clothes to have fun filled adventures!
Get your grown up to read the boring bit below so they can get in touch
My Swallowtail Hill fave…

“…for me it was making a den in the woods.”

Now… the boring bit for the grown ups!

No matter what the time of year bring waterproofs and wellies, hopefully in the summer you won’t need them but they are essential the rest of the time! Layers are the best plan so your Kid Off Grid is never too hot or too cold. Having clothing options with long sleeves and long trousers even in hot weather is a good idea because the grass grows long here, and the nature is wild – so there are brambles, and nettles. Lastly – don’t forget a hat and sunscreen, and it’s useful to pack bite/sting cream and antihistamines too.

Our landscape is managed but not manicured, so you won’t find tarmac’d paths with handrails, or neatly mown lawns. The beauty of our place is that kids can run free for a few days, under your supervision of course – in the knowledge that tracks are uneven, slopes may be slippery, there are brambles and nettles, ponds and puddles, mud and fallen wood all of which are important habitats for wildlife and are part of our conservation work.

No, we don’t have a holiday club. We’re all about encouraging our young visitors to explore the landscape and engage with it in their own way – we promise it’ll happen, with permission to explore, the freedom fires their imaginations and they create their own games. If you need a little structure then you’ll find plenty of self-guided activity sheets in the shop for your kids to help themselves to.

If you want to venture beyond the farm then there’s plenty to do in the area from horse riding to ebike hire, paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing. We’ll send you our digital guide once you’ve booked with links to all of our nearby attractions.

Once you’ve finalised your booking we’ll send you our digital guide to download to your phone. It contains everything you need to know about your stay and includes menus. You simply email us with your order in advance of your stay and we’ll have it ready! Prices are on the guide and are payable at the end of your stay when you checkout.

You just let us know either by email before you arrive, or tell us once you’re on site and we’ll get it ready for you, the hire charge for any of the skills kits is £5, payable on site at the end of your stay.

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