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We’ve introduced two new things this spring for our visiting Kids Off Grid and we’re hope you’re going to love them. 

We think it’s an important part of your stay to take a moment and think about everything you’ve experienced and especially the bits you’ve liked best. So we’re giving every Kid Off Grid a postcard of Swallowtail Hill when they arrive. It’s ready stamped and there’s a post box in the honesty shop so once you’re nearing the end of your holiday we’re encouraging you to tell someone about it! Write your postcard to a friend or a member of your family who might like to hear about your outdoor adventures and send it to them! Come and put it in the postbox and the Swallowtali Hill post people will take care of the rest.

If you take a trip to the woodland theatre while you’re here, you’ll also discover our brand new #KidsOffGrid review kiosk.

If you feel like giving us a review of your stay, kneel or stand behind the kiosk and get your grown-ups to film you on their phones so we can clearly see the #KidsOffGrid banner as well as you!

In your review you might like to tell us:

• Where you stayed!
• What you enjoyed doing best!
• What you cooked on the campfire!
• What your memories will be when you go home!

Then, if your grown-ups are happy to, please ask them to post your review on their Facebook or Instagram page and tag us @Swallowtailhill so we can enjoy your review and repost it to our followers!

Every review gets entered into a monthly draw to win a discount off a future stay at Swallowtail Hill. 

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