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Welcome To
The S'Lowdown

Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

23 July 2024
Log Off and Look Up: Marketing Nature

This summer has been an eye opener. Not least because it’s been the most challenging on to date for our 14 year old business, but because it has made me question how we communicate the authentic appeal of Swallowtail Hill.

26 February 2024
Sustainability at Swallowtail Hill

If you’ve stayed with us you’ll know that sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We work endlessly to ensure your footprint on the planet is as light as possible while staying here.

15 February 2024
Waking From Hibernation

For the first time this winter we did something we should have been doing for years. We gave ourselves permission to S’Lowdown. Yep, the irony is not lost on us…

30 May 2023
May On The Farm

May is one of my favourite months on the farm. The blossom, the hedgerow coming back into leaf, the lush grass – everything feels fresh, new and lovely…

28 February 2023
Wind Power

Power prices are based on the wholesale price of gas worldwide but renewables are increasingly taking up the slack in power delivery…

28 February 2023
February On The Farm

I’ve mainly been sowing flowers – my big plan this year is to dedicate two of the beds in the veg patch to flowers as I want a cutting…

28 February 2023
Off-Grid Adventures

If you’ve not stayed with us before here’s a little flavour of what our off-grid spaces are all about! So why not have a browse and discover more!

27 February 2023
Things To Do On A Winter Weekend!

Plenty of you arrive for a winter break just ready to hibernate for a couple of days, spending your time keeping cosy in your cabin, relaxing with a good book, soaking in…

27 January 2023
January 2023 On The Farm

First it was cold, then it was wet, then it was cold and wet. Twenty years ago I’d have rolled my eyes at this version of myself, the version who endlessly talks about the weather…

15 December 2022
Winter Rituals – Do You Have Any?!

This time of year is full of ritual – some traditional, some just peculiar to our own homes and families, but all of them observed, enjoyed or treasured in some…

15 December 2022
December On The Farm

I feel like I run on adrenaline most days, and without a day without power earlier this week followed by a day without water – we certainly know what it feels like to live off the beaten track.

21 November 2022
Glamping Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Present!

If you’d like to gift something a little more sustainable and special this Christmas a Swallowtail Hill gift voucher might just be the perfect gift option for a loved one!…

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