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About Swallowtail Hill

A place quite unlike any other

Swallowtail Hill first opened its gates to guests back in 2010…

Back then glamping was a new thing that many hadn’t experienced but Sarah and Christopher knew that it would be the perfect way for people to enjoy the unique landscape of Swallowtail Hill.

We are close to the medieval coastal town of Rye. Maps of the 17th century show Swallowtail Hill as it is now, unchanged. Our best guess is that its name is down to migrating swallows gathering here at the highest point of land around before departure for Africa.

Christopher began the conservation work here over 35 years ago and today Swallowtail Hill is one of southern England’s most biodiverse landscapes. It is not the largest but at 50 acres it is still pretty big for a previously farmed landscape to be turned over entirely to nature.

Staying in this landscape is a unique experience – as guests are surrounded by wildflower meadows, woodland, hedgerows, ponds and a lot of wildlife. Over three decades we have created a landscape that might well be recognised by someone magically visiting from the 15th century.

Peace, quiet, solitude and dark skies…

We only have six cabins across 50 acres, so the opportunity for total isolation is real if that’s what you want. And the skies are enormous, and unpolluted by light.

Remember When...

Slow living is what we are all about

We believe that time in nature can rest and restore us on every level. It gives us time to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones and to calm our busy minds.


Kids Off Grid

We believe children thrive when they spend time in nature and that’s why we created our Kids off Grid movement! It’s all about encouraging time away from screens and enjoying the big outdoors.

Bumble Bee

Our wonderful team

We couldn’t bring any of the Swallowtail Hill magic to you without our amazing team. We’re so proud to have a bunch of folks who love our landscape as much as we do and really care about making the holidays you have here as special as possible.

We are well known for our food & drink too!

We know that rushing to shop for your self catering holiday isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, so we offer a fabulous menu of breakfast and BBQ boxes, campfire suppers and extras if you want to take life easy!

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