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Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

11 July 2022
The S’Lowdown on The Lost Kitchen

Erin French’s book Finding Freedom in the Lost Kitchen was published about a year ago and I loved it. First, I love a good memoir – especially one that sees a woman triumph over…

9 June 2022
The S’Lowdown On: This One Wild And Precious Life

Sarah is a really great teacher – she weaves her own personal stories of grief, anxiety and adventure with science, interviews, poetry, spiritual texts – it’s a really inspiring read…

7 April 2022
The S’Lowdown on: Bigger Than Us

The book speaks to many of the values we hold here at Swallowtail Hill – the importance of time to connect with self, each other and nature…

6 February 2022
The S’Lowdown on – (Dis)Connected

Emma recognises all the positives that the internet has afforded us but questions if we are at a point where we need to take a more mindful approach to how we live our lives…

11 January 2022

But where does it come from – how long has it featured on our breakfast tables?…

9 January 2022
The S’Lowdown on The Lost Words

We so often see children arrive for their holidays glued to devices, horrified to discover that there’s no tv in their cabin – but when they leave, smiling and joyful having spent time getting muddy…

13 December 2021
Christmas Cookies – NYC Gingerbread and White Choc Chip

The recipe is courtesy of the amazing food writer and blogger – Jane’s Patisserie– and if you don’t already follow her on Instagram hop to it!…

8 November 2021
The S’Lowdown on: The Fig

The menu changes regularly, good coffee and wine is a given and it’s the friendliest little place with a gorgeous interior…

8 October 2021
Blackberry Baked Oats

Doesn’t matter if you eat this for breakfast or pudding – it works just as well for either!…

9 September 2021
One Pot, Pan, Planet

One Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones is full of vegetarian recipes to take you throughout the year so you’re only cooking and eating ingredients that are in season…

10 July 2021

If you’re looking for your next summer read, something to make you think differently about the landscape around you and the landscape of your own inner world, then this is it…

8 June 2021
Strawberry & Elderflower Jam

It’s elderflower season so Chloe has been busy in the kitchen making one of our most loved jams – Strawberry & Elderflower…

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