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The S'Lowdown

Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

10 June 2021
The S’Lowdown on…Daisy

Meadowkeeper’s Cottage will always own the top spot in my heart for its gorgeous wildflower meadow throughout the summer, and for the adorable ducklings and baby moorhens…

9 June 2021
The Local S’Lowdown: Vine & Country Tours

Vine and Country Tours have created an immersive wine tourism experience like no other. Jamie and Steph – the brains behind the business – are of course English wine enthusiasts…

8 June 2021
Strawberry & Elderflower Jam

It’s elderflower season so Chloe has been busy in the kitchen making one of our most loved jams – Strawberry & Elderflower…

7 June 2021
June on the Farm

Did you know that we’ve lost 98% of our native wildflower meadows since the middle of the last century? Swallowtail Hill is doing its bit to fight back!…

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