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Welcome To
The S'Lowdown

Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

9 April 2022
April on The Farm

At the moment my most favourite place at Swallowtail Hill is the wood – it’s currently awash with little white wood anemones and it looks glorious…

8 April 2022
The S’Lowdown on: The White Dog Inn

With a roaring fire in winter time, and a fabulous beer garden for sunny afternoons it’s one of our favourite spots!…

8 April 2022
The S’Lowdown on Stress

This month is stress awareness month and the theme this year is community. We need to recognise the value of connecting with each other in a meaningful way in order to give…

7 April 2022
The S’Lowdown on: Bigger Than Us

The book speaks to many of the values we hold here at Swallowtail Hill – the importance of time to connect with self, each other and nature…

6 April 2022
The S’Lowdown on…Shifting Seasons

Lifestyle change is needed, each of us needs to consider our consumption (of everything!) and challenge ourselves to live life with a lighter touch on the planet…

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