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Welcome To
The S'Lowdown

Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

16 June 2010
Boy’s Bits

Thought you might be amused to read the following transcript of the conversation I had earlier with Glenn (our friend and former shepherd)…

14 June 2010
Lambing Malpresentations (Or – What To Do When A Lamb Gets Stuck Coming Out)

So I was in the middle of a field looking for Victoria my missing sheep and I spied her in the distance by the hedge, clearly in labour…

13 June 2010

I noticed Christopher that was spending an unhealthy amount of time reading a magazine this morning…

8 June 2010
Forest Schools

I spent today playing in the woods. No, really I did. We hosted a training day for people considering training to be Forest Schools leaders – and I enjoyed it so much I think I’m going to become one…

7 June 2010
Surprise Lambs

The 5.14 from Charing Cross to Staplehurst is the most crowded train of the day. No surprise then that as it pulled out with me wedged indecently closely to the least attractive other travellers my phone buzzed…

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