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Welcome to The S’Lowdown –
Swallowtail Hill’s place for reading and relaxation. Why not grab a cuppa and take five minutes for yourself? Go on - we won’t tell anyone!

30 January 2010

A delivery of 18 tons of road planings tore down a fence and knocked over a log pile as the knob-head artic driver decided he could actually get up our track and then discovered he couldn’t get out…

26 January 2010
Being Green Is Largely Brown

From October to March, the dominant feature of life in the country is brown. Everything is brown…

24 January 2010
Log Log

Those of you who have followed by obsession with counting logs with interest, and possibly sympathy, will be pleased to have this update…

23 January 2010
Hilary’s Crush

I have mixed feelings about the fact that my husband is fancied by Hilary the pig…

22 January 2010

I have found another way to make our fortune. Training cats to herd sheep. It’s possible…

20 January 2010
Twittering In The Hedgerow

Two technologies at opposite ends of the archaeological spectrum define our lives here on our hill. Yesterday I began to lay a hedge…

18 January 2010
Power Cut

Today the electricity was off between 9am and 4pm. We knew it was going to happen in advance – some cabling was being replaced in the lane…

15 January 2010
Country In Grip Of Melt Chaos Shock!

This is what we’re getting after the country has been in the grip of the snow chaos shock. Not that anyone could have foreseen it…

10 January 2010
The Bantam That Laid

Digby is our smallest bantam. Raised from an egg by two nearby children, she has lived with us, her brother Geoff, and unrelated hens Maureen and Silvia for a couple of years…

9 January 2010
Grit Shortage!

It has hit minus 20 degrees this week and 24 hour rolling news is rolling around the clock with endless ‘news’ of more weather. We are now getting retrospectives of other winters when there’s been snow…

8 January 2010
I Know Where All The Dandelions Are!

Tonka is our accidental tortoise. He arrived in August. Alone. Without an owner. Or, it seems, a home…

6 January 2010
Pasture To Plate

The argument is straightforward. Once upon a time in London I would have put prepacked meat in my shopping trolley with little thought…

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