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Those of you who have followed by obsession with counting logs with interest, and possibly sympathy, will be pleased to have this update. As you know I cut 3,100 logs last summer, quite a few less than the previous year because I had converted to a larger model of log. Partly because we have a larger model of log-burner, and partly to see if it trimmed time off the whole process. It certainly did that. What I’m not sure is whether it’s provided any greater volume of timber for the winter season’s burning.

We are now digging into the third and final log bunker. I am ashamed to say I failed to keep count of exactly how many logs went into each bunker but at a guess I’d say this one has about 1,000 logs in it. I ran a test the other day to see what burn rate we now have, on a cold but not freezing day or two. Over 48 hours we used 20 logs. Last year we were using 30 a day, but they were smaller logs. Do smaller logs burn through faster? Was it colder? This could get complicated. Anyway, about a log an hour seems to be current usage. So this bunker has 1,000 hours of burn in it, or 42 days, which takes us up to March 9th.

So that will be just over five months, or exactly 160 days, which is 19 logs a day. Maybe there aren’t 1,000 logs in the third bunker. We’ll find out before March 9th, and I will report back.

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