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It has hit minus 20 degrees this week and 24 hour rolling news is rolling around the clock with endless ‘news’ of more weather. We are now getting retrospectives of other winters when there’s been snow. 1963  – Christopher remembers well, skating on the fens and the river Cam. 1981 – I remember the joy of officially being SNOWED IN and being unable to go to school. 1947 – no, can’t remember that one, neither of us was born.

We’re also getting viewers’ pictures of snow. And of course catastrophe awaits – the country is running out of grit. We have 5 days supply of gas left.  More journalists that you can shake a stick at are at gritting stations around the country reporting on this.  Some are at full grit stations, some are at empty grit stations and some are at half full grit stations.  Some are indoors.  Some are outdoors.  All of them look cold and fed up.  It really is riveting stuff.   Schools are shut everywhere but the exam boards won’t delay the exams. Ten percent of the workforce isn’t at work. The roads are lethal. Idiots are falling into frozen ponds. People are panic buying. Christopher thinks we will see looting by the end of next week (seriously).       

 To that end, he did a little bit of panic shopping yesterday.  This was without instruction and falls under the heading ‘Christopher interfering in kitchen related tasks’.  As a consequence we now have 24 tins of tomato soup “because it was cheap”, tinned baked beans, tinned sardines, tinned spinach and long life milk.  So I guess it leaves me to make some tasty meals out of the above.  We do of course have a freezer full of lamb, so even if the snow goes on until March I think we will probably survive.  Lamb chops and baked beans anyone?

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