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I noticed Christopher that was spending an unhealthy amount of time reading a magazine this morning. I could see part of the title from where I was sitting ‘Top 50 ….’ – I suspected the worst. Top 50 Sexy Babes perhaps? Top 50 Bottoms in Bikinis? Nope. Not even close.

Top 50 Tractors.

I don’t know whether to be relieved or disturbed.

Last week he had a visit from Tony the Tractor Man. Tony’s job (in so far as I can tell) is to go around looking at knackered old tractors to verify whether they are genuine vintage items for the purposes of insurance and tax. He admitted that vintage tractors can become an obsession – clearly he knows a bad case when he sees one (Christopher?!) – but he tried to reassure me. Things could be worse – apparently prior to being a fellow tractor aficionado Tony collected vintage buses. BUSES! So I guess I ought to be grateful – at least Christopher only has to build sheds to keep the tractors in – not depots!

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