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Meet George and Buttons! They’ve lived with us for about seven years.

We reckon they are about eleven years old – the vet can tell their approximate age from looking at their teeth!

Buttons is a little bit naughty, and George is a little bit shy. Every eight weeks our farrier – John – comes to give them a hoof trim and file. They don’t much like having their feet done, but it doesn’t hurt – it’s like us having our toenails cut.

Donkeys don’t need iron shoes nailed on like many horses do, but it’s very important to keep their feet in tip-top condition. The donkeys don’t much like having a head collar on and being tied up while it happens – but we have to do that just so they stand still and are safe, and so that John can do his work safely too. 

Usually we give them some hay to munch on while they have their pedicures – and it takes around half an hour. They’ve got their rugs on at this time of year to keep them warm and dry as you can see from the photo.

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