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Here’s the outdoors challenge for our #KidsOffGrid this month. We want you to go treasure seeking in your back garden or the park or your local outside space.

First of all you’re going to need a small container for your finds. An empty matchbox would be ideal, but any small container will work perfectly. If you want you can decorate your box before you start – get creative – we did! 

Then, next time you’re outside, either in your back garden, or in the park or on walk somewhere – keep an eye out of the teeniest, tiniest natural items and see how many of them you can fit in your box.

You might find – a tiny little twig, a feather, a smooth pebble, a little leaf, a petal from a flower, if you live near the beach you might find a tiny shell. How many different tiny things can you fit in?!

Get your grown-ups to take a photo and post it on our facebook page to show us your finds!

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