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At this time of year our feathered friends could do with a helping hand. Many of us already have bird feeders in our gardens or on our patios, window sills or balconies. But if you don’t already have one – here’s an easy peasy way to make your own.

It’s a bit messy – so make sure you’ve got permission from your grown-ups before you start!  This is what you’re going to need:

• An empty, clean yoghurt pot
• A length of string
• A pair of scissors
• A block of lard (or dripping, if you’ve saved any from your Christmas lunch!)

You’ll also need any of the following ingredients:

• Sunflower hearts
• Peanut pieces
• Bird seed mix
• Dried fruits that have been softened in water
• Crumbled cheese
• Breadcrumbs
• Cooked, leftover rice

What you absolutely MUST NOT USE:

• Uncooked rice
• Salted nuts
• Whole nuts or whole fruit (could choke a bird)


Put your softened lard and all of your chosen bird food ingredients into a bowl and mix them up. You want a well-mixed paste. This is the messy bit – but it’s good fun too!

Use your scissors to pierce a hole in the bottom of your clean yoghurt pot – get a grown up to help you with this!

Thread your piece of string through the hole and tie a firm knot in the bottom on the inside on of the pot. 

Make a loop on the other end of the string, so you can hang your pot upside down (like a bell).

Fill your pot with your bird seed lard cake – pack it in well!

Hang your feeder outside for the birds to enjoy!

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