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We’ve a fabulous new idea to challenge our visiting Kids off Grid.

When you arrive, we’ll ask you if you want to earn a Green Guardian award. We take looking after the planet very seriously here, and we know that you do too. So, we’re going to challenge you with a little quiz to see just how planet friendly you are during your stay here. We’ll be seeing how well you did at recycling, and not wasting food, and conserving water – as well as asking you about the nature you’ve spotted on your walks around the farm.

Complete your form and hand it back to us when you check out, if it’s you first visit here, you’ll be able to earn yourself a Green Guardian sticker.

If you’re a returning Kid Off Grid – each time you visit you can progress to the next level and work your way through Bronze and Silver to get to Gold. We know you can do it – the planet needs you!

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