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She was correct (see 22nd Feb post), except for today when we had what can only be described as sunshine. The sheep were so stunned they fell over and stayed that way all day. The pigs lay down on an old compost heap and slept till 4pm. And then it rained again, so that was that, and looks like being that until at least next Monday, beyond which the powers of divination that are possessed by Farmers Weekly (local weather, type in postcode, it tells you what you already know) fail.

The bluebell shoots don’t seem to care and are getting bigger. I always feel comforted by nature’s improbable and irresistible urge to sprout somewhere near Spring even if we’re all suffering from terminal SAD.

We got all 1,150 hedge plants heeled in though, so I feel somewhat less panicked, although seeing that the hazel is already beginning to sprout will give me cause for more alarm. 

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