We’ve always had very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our accommodation, but our cleaning regimes are now even more stringent to ensure that you are as safe as possible during your stay. 

The measures we have taken have qualified us to display Visit England’s new industry standard ‘We’re Good To Go’ – this recognises that we’re following all of the government and hospitality industry COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain hygiene and aid social distancing. Its purpose is to help you feel reassured about holidaying here. 

Here’s some further information about the measures we now have in place:


Staff are required to shoe sanitise and hand wash immediately on arrival at work. They must change into their uniforms on site, and at the end of their working day they leave their uniforms on site for laundering at high temperatures.

Staff wear disposable gloves and disposable aprons which are replaced frequently throughout the changeover/cleaning process. They also wear face shields for use when cleaning the hot tubs. 

Staff handwash regularly throughout their day.

Staff who meet guests when they check-in and check-out wear face masks.


Each accommodation has a cleaning checklist that must be completed by a staff member on changeover day. This includes first the cleaning and second the disinfecting of all surfaces right down to door handles, window fittings and light switches. Every item in your kitchen from cutlery to pots and pans to salt and pepper pots will have been washed and sanitised prior to your arrival. All soft furnishings will also have been disinfected. The whole cleaning procedure will have been carried out by staff with clean disposable gloves on, so your own hands will be the first to touch anything since sanitising took place, in order to give you added reassurance. Please be aware that these new procedures mean that changeovers are now taking double the time than they used to and the consequence of this is that check-in times for guests will necessarily be later in the day in order that we have enough time, as a small team, to complete all the necessary tasks to maintain these standards.


All bedding and towels are washed at high temperatures. Linens are hand pressed and staff wear gloves during this process.


Books have been removed from our accommodation – they are much touched items and too difficult to clean. Please bring your own.

Board games have been removed from our accommodation so that we can sanitise them and keep them untouched until a guest asks to borrow them. That way we can ensure they are always clean and safe to use.


If your accommodation has a hot tub it will have been cleaned and thoroughly disinfected prior to your arrival. If you’ve booked to use it, the tub will have been filled with fresh water ready for your use. As always, you can heat the tub twice, beyond that, the guidance is that the water will need replacing as wood fired hot tubs are not a chemically treated facility. Please note that you are politely asked to shower before and after using the hot tub.


The shop and log store are cleaned and sanitised regularly but we ask that guests follow the rules: only one set of guests in the shop at a time, no children under ten without a supervising adult, and use the hand sanitiser provided before touching anything in the shop.


We now provide tea/coffee/sugar/salt/pepper in the form of single sachets for hygiene.

We continue to offer our range of campfire meals, picnics and teas – pre-booked and then available for collection from the honesty shop. 


In each of our accommodations there is an NHS issued guidance sheet on effective handwashing and hand sanitising. Soap and hand sanitiser is provided.


We provide guests with anti bacterial spray and cleaning cloths to ensure you can keep your accommodation clean during your stay.


We are always very strict on composting and recycling but we ask that you pay particular attention to this in order to make sure our staff are as safe as possible when cleaning after your stay. Please ensure that all food waste is in the compost bin. Please separate out your recycling and put them in the bins provided. Please ensure that any non-recyclable household waste is bagged and tied prior to your departure. If you’ve a child in nappies, please ensure used nappies are bagged securely and put in the nappy bin provided.


The farm buggy’s seats and hand rail are sanitised between each use. Guests are asked to sit in the back and are separated from the driver by a perspex screen.