While it isn’t always the case that people take out holiday insurance for a short break in the UK, we always advise guests to do so in order to have some cover for situations where you may need to cancel your break once it has been finalised.

Our terms and conditions state clearly that our deposits are non-refundable and that all breaks must be paid for in full two weeks prior to your arrival. Once your break has been paid for in full we cannot move or refund it for you as it would mean our small business pays the penalty for your circumstances, as are unlikely to be able to resell a break at short notice. With this in mind, we have partnered with Booking Protect to provide you with insurance to cover your stay with us. Should you choose to include Booking Protect with your booking it will ensure that if you do need to cancel your break you’ll receive a full refund.

All you need to do is tick the box at checkout when you book your break and Booking Protect will be automatically added to the cost of your stay. For a two night break the price of protecting your stay is £25.20.