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According to the Norwegians there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Given their climate they should know.

This is our eleventh year of glamping and believe me we’ve seen it all when it comes to weather vs clothing calamities! Of course, it’s your holiday – you can absolutely wear what you like, but if you’re a first time glamper and you want to avoid some of the most common packing errors we see then maybe this will help…

Whatever the season pack a waterproof jacket. You just never know, and you’ll regret it if you don’t.

If you’re coming in the cooler/wetter months, then waterproof over-trousers are a good idea too. Remember jeans take forever to dry if they get wet and we absolutely don’t recommend the wood burner as a safe means for drying out wet clothes!

If you’re bringing small kids, definitely think about getting them an all-in-one waterproof outfit if they don’t already have one. That means no matter how many times they fall in the mud they are going to stay clean and dry underneath. Wet kids = cold kids and cold kids aren’t happy!

Wellies or waterproof walking boots are essential. We’re 40 acres of conservation land. We aren’t a holiday park with neat concrete paths, our landscape is beautiful precisely because it isn’t tamed or tarmac’d! We’re a traffic free environment which means, depending on where you’re staying, you might have a walk of up to ten minutes from your accommodation to your car if you’re going out for the day – so pack wisely! Even in the height of summer when the ground is hard a high heel won’t do you any favours, and flip flops will be hard going on the tracks, and in the winter you’ll ruin your best Uggs or your smart suede knee high boots in the puddles – something sturdy is required!

Layers are your friends!  A short break here is all about having the chance to spend as much time as possible outside and even in the summer months evenings can be cool. If you want to sit out late around your campfire make sure you’ve enough layers to keep you warm. And in the winter layers are the trick to keeping the perfect temperature!

If you’re coming in the summertime when the grass is high and everything is in full growth – lightweight tops with long sleeves and trousers are a good idea if you go for a long walk – particularly for little ones – so you can avoid scratches from brambles, stings from nettles and wet legs from long dewy meadow grass.

If you’re going to the beach, or for a wild swim in the Rother – then don’t forget your swimmers and a towel.

The parents with little ones who have glamping down to a fine art are all about encouraging as much outdoor play as possible safe in the knowledge that they’ve packed lots of changes of tops and bottoms. They bring a separate waterproof bag to just sling all the grubby/dirty stuff in as they go along so the laundry goes home in one pile ready for the wash.

Seasonal Extras!

In the winter – hat, scarf gloves

In the summer – hat and sunnies

All year – sunscreen!

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