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But we do. Once again, heart overcame head, and Snuggles, a grey lionhead rabbit arrived complete with her own hay, feed bowl and blanket. It’s possible she doesn’t know she’s called Snuggles, in which case we can re-name her – possibly Fugly? Lovely for the children, and amusing for those adults clever enough to work it out. She’s tame – having been a child’s pet, so that makes a difference, and I suspect it won’t be long before I see Sarah squatting in Fugly’s run giving her a cuddle.

Snuggles – or Fugly – lives with the bantams, like Lucy did until the recent fox related tragedy. But you couldn’t cuddle Lucy, so there is a possible upside to this new arrival for our glampers – a rabbit to cuddle as well as feed. Maybe we could charge for that, and Fugly would become a profit centre.

Simultaneously, Tonka woke up from three months hibernation. This called for gradual warming – tough when the outside temperature ranges from sub-zero to 60 degrees (in real money) in 24 hours. Followed by a bath – which he loathes – and the expectation of a long pee, which he hasn’t performed yet. I am slightly worried because he seems to be wheezing. But then he’s over 40 so perhaps he knows what he’s doing. He certainly woke up in a bad temper and has no idea who I am. So I get attacked whenever I go in to offer him succour, food, water and comfort. And believe me, a tortoise can deliver a very sharp bite.

Finally Hilary went into season again (or hog, as us farmers know it) signalled by yet another escape. She ploughed through two fences and came to find me, hoping against hope for love. The only way to get her locked up is to run like hell, followed by half a ton of cantering randy pork.

The last straw in all this is that Sarah buggered off to Switzerland for three days to celebrate a friend’s 40th.  I expect her first reaction on returning will be to let me know that the housework is well under par, the dogs are itchy because I’ve not been feeding them the right food, and would I mind having a bath.  But I have a secret plan – take her out to have a cuddle with Snuggles/Fugly. I’m sure her heart will melt and all will be forgiven.

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