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In the local spotlight this month, we’re diving into a natural skincare and body brand located on Rye’s High Street – Wideye.  

Inspired by nature with a deep connection to wind, water, waves and snow, Wideye opened their first UK store in Rye.  The brand has a strong connection to the beach having originally opened a store back in Tarifa, Spain – one of the world’s best destinations for windsurfing.  With a range of natural skin and bodycare products ranging from body scrubs to cleansers, deodorants and hair care, their products are formulated for anyone and everyone.

Of course we’ve lots in common given their commitment to sustainability, their love for the big outdoors and active lifestyles, but common ground aside, we genuinely love their products too. At the moment those we’re lovin’ best are those that encourage restful sleep.  There’s a reason why experts are always saying that we need to get our 7/8 hours’ kip a night as you’ll know if you’ve read our post about sleep this month, but of course sometimes drifting off can prove difficult.  You might be feeling stressed or anxious, or perhaps you’ve drank one too many cups of coffee to help you stay awake during the day!  Whatever the reason, Wideye have a range of products in their ‘Sleeping Beauty’ range that just might do the trick on those restless nights.

Using natural ingredients such as lavender and vetiver, their products will help you to relax and calm your mind. We’re fans of their lavender pillow spray – spritz it a couple of times on your pillow at bedtime and enjoy the soothing effect of the aroma.  You could combine this with their Sleeping Beauty balm too, massaging a little of it into your temples, wrists and behind your neck to help send you off into a slumber.

What we love about their products is that each ingredient is carefully selected, avoiding anything that is without benefit.  They’re also taking a step towards a greener future by offering glass bottle and jar returns in store.  Not only does this help to reduce waste, but they even offer a great rewards scheme too for those that take part in recycling their empties – win win! 

A company with great ethics, strong values and lovely products – what’s not to love?  Why not check them out the next time you come to visit us – they’re located on the High Street in Rye.

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