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My husband has been putting himself about and is getting a reputation.  In the name of politics.  At a recent Parish Council meeting he volunteered to assist an attendant member of the public with her enquiry about the conservation of a local field.  This lady already had a conservation plan but it was several year’s old and Christopher offered to review it, mooch about the field and report back to her.  Which he did, sharpish.  It turns out she was none other than the chief of the village WI.  Further to my husband’s assistance she is reported to have informed her fellow WI members  – ‘I have had an experience of Mr Broadbent, and was most impressed’. 

I’m not sure how I feel about women in the village having impressive ‘experiences’ of my husband but it now seems there is demand for more of the same.  He has been approached to speak at a forthcoming WI meeting.  So it seems many women in one evening will be able to ‘experience’ him.   Indeed behind local net curtains the evening has been dubbed ‘The Christopher Broadbent Experience’.  The village grapevine suggests that WI meetings are rather racier than they used to be – they now drink wine when they used only to drink tea.  Should I be worried?  Are they well behaved events?  Or are they all Calendar Girls on Pinot Grigio? He’s been asked to speak on the subject of sustainability – I assume this is in relation to the environment, rather than a euphemism for any other kind of ‘experience’?

I might add that this is all on the approach to the local election when the Parish Council seats will be up for grabs.  Christopher may well be tempted to use his night at the WI as part of his re-election campaign.  After all, the women of the village are perhaps the most influential voices in the community.  If he can secure their votes he’ll be on a path to victory.  But exactly how good does an ‘experience’ need to be in order to secure a vote?  And where will the campaigning stop – will he be tempted to go door to door offering ‘experiences’ to the housewives of the neighbourhood?  Maybe I should intervene to ensure that his activities are restricted to helping old ladies across the road and litter collection.  Or maybe I should join the WI and monitor the ‘experiences’ on offer.  Or maybe I should just let him get on with it and charge commission…?

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