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I know. Where have I been for the last ten days?  As you know, me and technology don’t mix. We have a weird piece of kit on our computer system called a NAS drive (I think that’s what it’s called). I was instructed a long time ago by Sarah never to store anything on my actual laptop because that was much too risky in case of breakdown. Always store it on this NAS drive thingy. Where it’s safe. So the NAS drive breaks. And with it, almost everything I’ve written or thought in the last five years.

I found I didn’t mind so much. If I lost the record of everything I’d written down for half a decade, so what? I was never going to re-read it all anyway. I once knew a bloke who said he operated on the shredder principle of management. Every morning he swept every piece of paper off his desk and put it in the bin. It only ever came back to him if it was really important.

The NAS drive came back – or a new black box did, with, magically, all the stuff that had been on the broken one stuffed back inside it. So here I am again, technologically back in touch with my reader – me.

I did get the hedgerow planted, and a back-breaking bugger of a job it was too. 1,100 plants, trying to work out how many gaps between each hawthorn if hawthorn was fifty percent of the total, and there were to be five plants to a metre in a double row, with a 40 cm gap between each plant!!! Thankfully I had Roy and Keith to help me cock it up, and Rob the Mower turned up too to lend a hand. I’d still be out there planting if not. I expect the deer will eat the shoots as they emerge.

I’ve been told by a critic (Annie) not to go on about the weather so much. It’s boring. Well, it might be boring for you, but it’s crucial to me. I’m not going to tell you what it’s been like though.

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