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As remarkable as our landscape is here, and no matter how beautiful our accommodation, Swallowtail Hill would be nothing without its staff.

We are always grateful for the hard work and commitment of the housekeeping team, and of the dedication that Jason puts in to maintaining the site, as well as Sam who assists me in the office. This was never more the case than in this past year when we’ve been required to go the extra mile in order that guests feel safe and reassured by our standards. 

We were very sad to bid a fond farewell to one of our longest serving members of staff this month. Jill has long been the sunniest member of our housekeeping team so it’s the end of an era now that she’s moved on to concentrate on her own baking business. We’ll miss her loads – but she’s on strict instructions to come back and visit and to bring CAKE. 

We’ve welcomed some new faces into the Swallowtail Hill family – this summer we’ve added Tabitha and Isabel into the Dream Team and they are definitely the new stars of the show – Chloe is more than delighted with their attention to detail and bed making skills (and you know our Chloe – she sets the bar VERY high!). Regular team members Daisy and Fiona continue to astound us with their efficiency and Sian is now joined by Heather 2 (yes we have more than one!) on the laundry team – always cheerfully keeping up with the never-ending mountain of ironing we create on a daily basis.

Cleaning whizz and all round superstar Annie has returned to help us out for the busy summer season and we’re delighted to have her back, and Heather 1 is our failsafe backup for when we need an extra pair of hands. All of them work super hard under the careful, caring eye of Chloe who not only makes sure their work is the best in industry standards, but also makes sure they are looking after themselves – because this is seriously hard work! On an average changeover day each person on the team does around 23,000 steps and usually while lugging boxes of heavy linen and cleaning equipment around too. If there was an Olympics for housekeeping skills – this team would definitely be in the running for a medal. We’re endlessly proud of them. 

We’re maintaining all of our COVID secure measures going forward, we see no reason not to. It’s clear that you, our guests, feel confident about being able to properly relax on your holiday because of the extra measures we take, and that’s all that matters. If living life more ‘normally’ comes at the expense of our time intensive deep cleans between guests and our raft of careful precautions then that’s definitely a price that we as a business are prepared to pay. Here’s to the team that bring you your holiday – fully sanitised and ready for you to call home for a few days!

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