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Lucy –  the rabbit in isolation since Saturday seems to be doing well. Eating and drinking again and grumpy at being in a small hutch indoors rather than in its run. So that’s a good sign.

The baby wild rabbit in the hay shed fared less well. Despite rescuing it from Dottie the curious (but pacifist) Boxer on Saturday, putting it back in its nest and making the entrance to the shed dog proof, the high winds last night had blown away our defences and this morning in as soon as the back door was open Mabel darted into the shed and the kit was instantly no more. I was deeply upset about it but of course as a terrier this is instinctive behaviour for Mabel so telling her off was pointless.  After all, if it had been a rat she’d dispensed with I’d have showered her with praise. And mixed messages don’t really work with dog handling. 

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