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OK, so I was feeling generous and decided to let Christopher name the new chicken and her little chick.  I’ve done the animal naming thus far.  Turns out this is for a reason. 

Without instruction or guidance Christopher settled on naming the chicken (who is large – admittedly) ‘Big Fat Momma’ and her little chick is now ‘Little Titch’.  I have pointed out that Little Titch might well grow to be bigger than Big Fat Momma – but he said he thought the name could then be thought of as ironic.  Good grief.  So watch this space – I’m anticipating the day when Little Titch faces an identity crisis when she’s grown into the heftiest hen in the coop.  Also when I’m calling the chickens into the hen house – I feel a bit of a banana hollering ‘Big Fat Momma’ at the top of my lungs.  Worse still – if Christopher is calling for ‘Big Fat Momma’ I’m a little concerned that the neighbours might think he’s talking to me…..!   Needless to say, Christopher has been removed from animal naming duties for the foreseeable.

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