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24th Sept to October 2nd is Great Big Green Week, the UK’s largest event for climate and nature. It celebrates communities taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and put pressure on Government to up its game on tackling the climate crisis.

If you’ve stayed with us you’ll know that sustainability is at the core of everything we do. If you’re chosen to holiday with us you’ve made a sustainable choice because we work endlessly to ensure your footprint on the planet is as light as possible while staying here. 

That means we’re strict about everything:

From the suppliers we use – everything from the build of the cabins themselves and the fixtures and fittings through to the food and drink we serve and sell, and the cleaning products we use.

To the zero waste policy we have –  we compost all of your food waste and encourage you to waste as little as possible and we recycle and repurpose as much as we can.

And the off-grid accommodation – you either don’t have any power, or you have some that is provided by our photo voltaics. 

And the compost loos – if you’ve used them you’ll know that the dry waste eventually feeds our nettle beds which are the perfect food for butterflies. 

And the water treatment systems – grey water is naturally filtered and re-enters the water course pure. 

And that’s before we even start on the conservation work we’ve been doing on the farm for the last 30 years – the diverse meadows, the coppicing and hedgelaying, the grassland management and the wet meadow management – all designed to encourage biodiversity.

We’re passionate about it, so I thought we’d a do a little series of posts on Instagram and TikTok this week to talk about the different decisions we make and actions we take on site and why in the hope that even more of you will encourage your workplaces, schools, clubs and organisations to make changes for the greener good.   So give us a follow if you don’t already! 

And you want to find out about Great Big Green Week and events in your area you can visit their website here.

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