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We’re knee deep in our muddy season. We’re used to it – the day to day farm jobs just take a long time – feeding the animals is like wading around in treacle, the footpaths have puddles in them the size of small ponds and the hillside tracks are slippery so dog walks feel like an extreme sport.

It’s made us realise quite how differently people view a muddy experience. Lots of our guests are outdoorsy types who arrive prepared for any sort of weather and aren’t phased at all, but some of our lovely vistors choose us precisely because they don’t spend much time in the countryside and we’ve come to realise that out urban dwelling friends have a rather different expectation when it comes to mud and it can come as quite a surprise!

We don’t beat around the bush. We tell it like it is. When we say mud we mean the thick gloopy stuff, at least four inches deep and puddles you can paddle in.

Obviously your accommodation is comfy and perfectly mud free, but you’ll need to walk around the farm while you’re here as you leave your cars parked at the entrance and your cabin could be up to ten minutes’ walk away. So we want you to be prepared and although we always recommend bringing wellies we thought we’d develop our Mudometer for easy reference when planning your visit.

Level 1: Dust                     

High Summer on the farm – You’ll be fine in sandals but your feet will get grubby. High heels? You must be joking!

Level 2: Bit of wet earth     

Early Summer – You’ll be fine in trainers (but maybe not your pristine white ones).

Level 3: Soft underfoot       

Late Spring/Early Autumn – You’ll get by in sturdy leather boots but please don’t risk spoiling your best ones, and the suede fleecy ones (you know the sort I mean) will be about as much good as tea cosies strapped to your feet!

Level 4: Shallow mud         

Spring/Autumn – You’ll need a waterproof walking boot.

Level 5: Deep mud             

Winter – Only wellies will do, puddles are too deep for anything else!

We’re on LEVEL 5 right now. Only your finest rubberwar will do! And if you don’t have a pair, fear not we have some spares availble.

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