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This evening we went to Julia’s 21st birthday party.  Julia is the daughter of David Paine (he of the wood yard / tractor collection / pub).  It was refreshingly all generational – with tiny tots through to ageing relatives enjoying the buffet and disco at a local hotel.   

I had an uncomfortable moment realising quite how decrepit I appear (at the age of 37) to the next generation when the eleven year old son of some friends refused to dance to Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ on the grounds that it was ‘old music’.   This feeling was further compounded by the fact that every 20-something lovely in the room was dressed (I use the word loosely) like something from a Lady GaGa video and the bare flesh / long leg / cleavage ratio was impressive, if not a little depressing.  When you find yourself thinking ‘She must be cold’ and ‘I hope she brought a coat to go home in’ – you know that you are beyond hope in the youth and fashion stakes.

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