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Or that’s what the last 8 weeks feel like. And suddenly we have a day with no campers! Despite being surrounded by people non stop for two months, we also feel as though we’ve been living in some weird form of isolation. I can’t remember anyone’s name. Sarah can remember every single one of them. She really does have the most remarkable memory.

If I said ‘Zachary’ she’d say, ‘six year old boy, August 15th, two nights, Pondside tent, nice parents from Kew.’ How does she do that? I can barely remember where the tents are, let alone everyone who’s stayed in them. Still, whoever they are (and if you’re reading this, it’s not personal, just my memory), they mostly seem to have enjoyed themselves.

All this has rather taken our eyes off the farming and cultivation ball. The greenhouse looks like someone planted some triffids in it; the veg garden looks like someone just had a fight with some triffids in it, and the normal (?) garden looks like – well, more triffids.

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