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It is cold.  Very cold.  Despite the fact that it seems like only five minutes since we were last wrapping ourselves up like Michelin men just to venture outside – we’re back to putting on loads of layers before we can begin the outside chores every day. 

I perhaps shouldn’t share this with you reader, it’s not a pretty description, but I feel I must include you in the realities of our winter day.  Watching Christopher dress this morning was alarming to say the least.  Not that I usually spend much time watching Christopher get dressed – it isn’t on my top ten of exciting things to do – I was just too cold to get out of bed this morning and he offered an amusing diversion while I stayed huddled under the duvet. He started by putting on his socks.  He always does this.  I think it is weird.  Who puts socks on first?  If there were a sudden need to evacuate a building – would you want the emergency services to find you just in your socks?  No!  Knickers at the very least – surely?!  Anyway – I digress….Christopher then followed this with pants, long-johns, and T-shirt.   Ok – so you get the picture, this look isn’t designed for sex appeal, just warmth. He then complained that his long-johns are too baggy and keep falling down and asked me – deadly serious – ‘do you think I should wear my pants over my long-johns to help keep them up?’.  I didn’t humour him with a reply.  I think my facial expression was enough to suggest that I would run, or perhaps even sprint, to the divorce courts if he pursued this as a good idea.   Having abandoned the thermal-superman-look he paused – thought for a minute – then put his jeans on over his long-johns, pulled them up about as far as they could go, and fastened his belt way too tightly.  God help me.  I am married to a man who seems to be taking style advice from Simon Cowell.

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