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You’re The Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirits thrive bringing their favourite people together – it fills them with joy. They live for the day and make every moment magical. They seek-out time together, knowing precious memories last a lifetime – telling tales around the campfire, long walks in the woods, meals taken outdoors and savoured for their simplicity. This is all the Kindred Spirit needs to restore and reset – fresh air and no screens in sight – the recipe for the perfect soul connecting break.

Group Glamping: How to Perfect an oh-so-wild Glamping Get-away for a Crowd.

If you think you need to have…

Lived off-grid, danced in a field barefoot or lit a fire, to get glamping right… You’d be wrong.

Better together, Kindred Spirits are looking for an escape with other Kindred Spirits – another family to share the fun! They crave a weekend of adventurous freedom and a good night’s sleep, in a place that loves the buzz of children and grownups, where the only things that really matter are wellies and sun hats. Because magic really can happen.

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Wood Cabin

One of our twin cosy cabins that share a paddock at the heart of Swallowtail Hill

Penfold Cabin

The other of our twin cosy cabins that share a paddock at the heart of Swallowtail Hill

3 Group Glamping Forget-me-nots

Pick the right place.

There is only one place you’ll want to stay at Swallowtail Hill, and that is our twin cabins Wood and Penfold.

The cabins share a pretty paddock all to themselves, creating the perfect safe space for the kids to adventure, with grown-ups nearby. All of your kit is provided, including towels and bed linen.

More detail is on our website.

Get the kids excited.

They are about to become a Kid Off Grid. With a background in forest school, Sarah has created simple, yet extraordinary, nature-based activities, to fascinate kids for hours (and they’ll be soaking up buckets full of nature-knowledge, without even realising).

Make the holiday excitement infectious and explore more with your kids on our website.

Shut the front door on your stress.

Sarah has crossed every t and dotted every i, making glamping an easeful and restorative experience for everyone. From step-by-step “how to” video guides, to kit lists and local recommendations. You will never before have felt so confident or supported taking the family (s!) on an adventure.

Just don’t forget your wellies.

But wait, there’s more…

With so much to offer, we’d hate you to miss out on anything. So winging its way to your inbox is your tailored-to-you inspiration for a trip to Swallowtail Hill, including:

– Top 5 recommendations from families who have stayed before, no need for any trial and error on your part.

– One activity guaranteed to melt hearts.

– Food-to-go options & ideas.

– Our ultimate glamping packing guide, so you really can experience a stress-free escape, with the families in tow, where you get to rest and reset too.

It’s a glamping escape made for Kindred Spirits, wind-in-your-hair fun, with as little adult-planning-brain-power as we can possibly offer you!

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s a treasure trove.

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I’m ready for stress-free off-grid glamping!

Meet Swallowtail Hill’s Custodians, Sarah & Christopher

Thirty-five years ago, Christopher stepped out of his car at Swallowtail Hill. Shirt crumpled from the drive from London, sleeves rolled up and eyes creased against the bright sunshine, he looked at the view and his world spun on its axis. For decades since, they have been custodians of this spectacular and carefully restored landscape.

They always tread lightly on the planet and made sustainable choices from the word go. The flowers, hedgerows, woodland and ponds burst with colour and life. The landscape would be recognisable to a time traveller from 500 years ago – a place where s’lowdown is effortless and easy.

Sarah opened the gates to Swallowtail Hill as one of the first glamping spaces in the UK. 14 years in the industry gives Swallowtail Hill the proud title of OG glamper. And with over a decade of experience, comes an escape like no other. Uncover your perfect stay, in a truly special place, steeped in peace and a deep sense of the restorative power of nature.

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