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You’re The Nurturer

In their quest for an unforgettable experience with loved ones, the Nurturer seeks to deepen family bonds. In a place where daily complaints dwindle, Netflix is forgotten and gadgets are swapped for wellies and the great green outdoors. A place where time slows down and every moment can be savoured.

How the Nurturer Suspends Time to Make a Glamping Escape at Swallowtail Hill Connecting and Joyful.

Because Being Prepared (with Help), Makes All the Difference to your Easeful Stay.

The Nurturer is fully invested. Loved ones mean everything and figuring out how to connect with each other in a technology-dominant world is a priority. They are looking for a transformation from bingeing on screen time, to free, connected, impromptu imaginative play and laughter together. A life full of enjoyment.

The Nurturer knows the challenge of raising a family is worth the payoff. There is nothing sweeter than family fully connected. They are determined to make memories, not in a kitsch way, but through fun and shared experiences, even those that might push everyone a little out of their comfort zones.

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Our woodland hideaway gloriously secluded in natural beauty

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Our enchanting cottage-on-wheels in the beautiful wildflower meadows

The Long View
The Long View

Our gorgeous lodge with the best view to wake up to

3 Ways to Create & Capture Memorable Moments

Campfire Cook-ups.

Not for grown-ups! Campfire cook-ups will need your supervision – but that’s all. Your kids will learn fire safety, simple cooking skills and revel in the satisfaction of “Hey! I did it!”.

We will send you the full Campfire Cook-up menu on booking…

Green Guardians.

Level up your nature skills and sharp spotter eyes. From Green Guardian quizzes to skill kits. Swallowtail Hill is packed with new experiences and things to learn about the natural world.

We’ve seen time over that kids love nature and are fascinated by insects, plants and muddy puddles. We’ve got everything you’ll ever need to nurture little minds, make incredible memories and give them amazing skills for life.

The Best Birthday Cakes.

If a birthday is on the horizon, and you’re brewing some fun ideas, then our celebration cakes, coupled with Kids Off Grid adventure activities, pond dipping and a visit to the donkeys (George and Buttons), might just make for the best birthday EVER and tick all their boxes.

There is just one thing…don’t forget your wellies.

Get ready to glamp with us

If we can take care of logistics, you can focus on having fun. So, winging its way to your inbox is the Nurturer’s ideal inspiration for a 2-night stay at Swallowtail Hill.

Including: Plenty of ideas for your break so you really can experience a wholesome family escape, where you get to rest and reset.

Your Nurturers we’ve-done-the hard-work-for-you glamping escape is on its way…

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Meet Swallowtail Hill’s Custodians, Sarah & Christopher

Thirty-five years ago, Christopher stepped out of his car at Swallowtail Hill. Shirt crumpled from the drive from London, sleeves rolled up and eyes creased against the bright sunshine, he looked at the view and his world spun on its axis. For decades since, they have been custodians of this spectacular and carefully restored landscape.

They always tread lightly on the planet and made sustainable choices from the word go. The flowers, hedgerows, woodland and ponds burst with colour and life. The landscape would be recognisable to a time traveller from 500 years ago – a place where s’lowdown is effortless and easy.

Sarah opened the gates to Swallowtail Hill as one of the first glamping spaces in the UK. 14 years in the industry gives Swallowtail Hill the proud title of OG glamper. And with over a decade of experience, comes an escape like no other. Uncover your perfect stay, in a truly special place, steeped in peace and a deep sense of the restorative power of nature.

Butterfly image
Butterfly image