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You’re The Wild Heart

The Wild Heart can unearth the most beautiful and planet friendly escapes, without skipping a beat. They feel most at peace knowing their choices tread lightly on the earth. They want to enjoy spaces and places that feel authentic, romantic and truly sustainable.

What every Wild Heart ought to know about romantic and sustainable glamping at Swallowtail Hill.

Discover a Gentle-On-The-Planet Way to Holiday

The Wild Heart slips into their happy place. They have found a hideaway, a special place to relax, guilt-free. They are content, immersed in a landscape quite unlike any other; a place that exists purely to help nature thrive, and where every little detail has been carefully thought through. It is pared-back perfection.

They find joy in the details – the designs that sit seamlessly within the landscape, the comfort that has been considered, the sustainable sourcing that has been taken care of. Everything is where they would want it to be. It’s irresistible. They feel like their every need has been met. They’d even go as far as to say pre-empted.

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The Roundhouse

Our romantic retreat perfect for two people

The Long View
The Long View

Our gorgeous lodge with the best view to wake up to

Woodcutter’s Cottage

Our woodland hideaway gloriously secluded in natural beauty

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Experience one of the finest conservation areas in the South East of England. People come here because they want their holidays to count for something, something that matters, something that will change the future of the planet.

Here are just some of the ways we care about the environment

We take this super seriously!

It isn’t tokensim, we’re constantly looking at ways to make sure our business is as sustainable as possible.

Why you won’t be greenwashed.

We really know our stuff when it comes to carbon and, unlike plenty of tourism businesses, you won’t catch us making claims that can’t be backed by science or data. Here’s why.

The woods & meadows.

35 years of restoring 50 acres of farmland back to its original natural state has been a labour of love and careful dedication. Our flower species count rises each year and we now have three types of orchid. It is a haven for birds, native mammals (deer included) and an array of dazzling insects. It is like falling back in time. Find out more on our website.

Read our full sustainability policy.

3 Take-Your-Breath-Away Locations in 1066 Country

As eco-conscious as you want to be, you know you also want a gorgeous escape, beautiful vistas and whimsical cobblestone streets to wander.

We have put together three stop-you-in-your-tracks places you must see to believe and popped them into an email, along with our recommendation of where you are best to stay at Swallowtail Hill.

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