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Under perfectly dark and starry skies, the Escapist savours a hot cuppa. Wrapped in a blanket and soaking up the solitude, they feel gloriously alive, surrounded only by the sounds of the crackling campfire, the calls of the tawny owl and the rustling of a shy deer in the woods. Always on the search for the perfect place to hideout for a few days – the Escapist values the opportunity to deeply restore themselves, away from the noise of everyday life.

Everything Escapists need to know, to Squeeze the most out of each Spectacular Glamping Moment.

Even if you think you’ve discovered all the good places to escape to, the rare magic of Swallowtail Hill will capture your heart and imagination.

The Escapist is always on the search for the unusual and exquisite. They are a unique blend of comfortable in their own skin and overflowing with life and vitality. Happy to wander and enjoy time to just be. They know resetting, without digital distraction, is the magic ingredient to true self care.

They wake early, with no demands on their time or expectations of the day ahead. They have a willingness to be present for the experience of every moment, rain or shine. The bifold doors are wide open, the breeze licks the edges of the curtains and the whistling kettle announces its job is done. A perfect morning brew, sipped, gazing over a landscape like no other. The sensation of stepping back in time is palpable. Escapists are found in wild untrodden places, woodland glades and ancient meadows…

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The Long View

Our gorgeous lodge with the best view to wake up to

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Woodcutter’s Cottage

Our woodland hideaway gloriously secluded in natural beauty

Can we let you in on a Swallowtail Hill secret?

Swallowtail Hill will never be about superfast wifi, woodland cinemas, outdoor cocktail bars and free Netflix. Those can be found elsewhere, and it’s great for some, but not what we hold dear.

We are about the landscape, the quiet, the privacy, the exceptionally well-equipped, well maintained and super clean special places to stay. An easeful way to reconnect with yourself, with each other and with nature.

Winging its way to your inbox, is an email with a few little-known Swallowtail Hill facts, which we like to keep reserved for those who love long walks and people-free peace:

– 2 hidden beauty spots that are often missed by visitors in 1066 country.
– Restorative and restful ways to s’lowdown and immerse yourself in nature at Swallowtail Hill

Most people who find Swallowtail Hill never want to let it go. It’s for Escapists, paring back life to make space for the finer moments. Including one-of-a-kind glamping settings, where interruptions are only on your terms…

So forget Netflix and find your wellies – inbox secrets incoming!

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3 Glamping Must-knows for the Escapist

The woods & meadows.

35 years of restoring 50 acres of farmland back to its original natural state has been a labour of love and careful dedication. Our flower species count rises each year and we now have three types of orchid. It is a haven for birds, native mammals (deer included) and an array of dazzling insects. It is like falling back in time. Find out more on our website.

Stay lost in time.

We only have six cabins across 50 acres, so the opportunity for total isolation is real. And the skies are enormous, unpolluted by light. Each of the six special places is featured on our website. P.S. It can take up to ten joyful minutes to walk to your car from some of our cabins.

Pack light.

Sarah has crossed every t and dotted every i, making glamping an easeful and restorative experience. There is no need to pack anything other than your clothes and food (although we offer a menu of hearty dishes too).

Just don’t forget your wellies.

Meet Swallowtail Hill’s Custodians, Sarah & Christopher

Thirty-five years ago, Christopher stepped out of his car at Swallowtail Hill. Shirt crumpled from the drive from London, sleeves rolled up and eyes creased against the bright sunshine, he looked at the view and his world spun on its axis. For decades since, they have been custodians of this spectacular and carefully restored landscape.

They always tread lightly on the planet and made sustainable choices from the word go. The flowers, hedgerows, woodland and ponds burst with colour and life. The landscape would be recognisable to a time traveller from 500 years ago – a place where s’lowdown is effortless and easy.

Sarah opened the gates to Swallowtail Hill as one of the first glamping spaces in the UK. 14 years in the industry gives Swallowtail Hill the proud title of OG glamper. And with over a decade of experience, comes an escape like no other. Uncover your perfect stay, in a truly special place, steeped in peace and a deep sense of the restorative power of nature.

Butterfly image
Butterfly image