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The topic of conversation over dinner the other night was  – if you were a super hero, who would you be?  And Christopher said instantly ‘Mega Boy’.  ‘What does Mega Boy do?’ I asked.  ‘EVERYTHING but MEGA’ he replied.   For those readers who are new to the blog I should add at this point that Christopher is not an eight year old child as you might be imagining.  He is my husband –  old enough to have a bus pass and to qualify for the winter fuel allowance.   He is also, apparently, Mega Boy – when I am not looking.

So then it was my turn.  I found the game tricky to play as I felt the burden of responsibility keenly – if I were to have powers amazing enough to perhaps save the planet I’d better choose carefully.  Christopher, however, couldn’t wait for me to think this through.  He said ‘You can be Sheep Girl’.  ‘And what does Sheep Girl get to do?’ I asked, ‘She has the power to grow wool’ he replied.  ‘What bloody use is that?’ I said – increasingly irritated at my downgraded super hero status.  ‘She can stay out in the rain and not get wet, just like sheep’ – was the reply. 

Now call me fussy – but I don’t think I got a very good deal here do you?  Christopher gets to do everything MEGA and I get to stay out in a field and not mind the weather.  I call that pretty ropey in the super hero rankings.  I’m not sure I’d even qualify.   I mean people might call up Sheep Girl when in a crisis (I guess my call-sign would be people Baa-ing loudly for me?) and I’d turn up and not be able to rescue anybody unless they were stuck in a field being rained on – whereupon I could offer to sit on them to keep them dry?  People would surely be disappointed.  In fact they might make an official complaint about me falsely advertising world saving powers – is there a super hero ombudsman?  I’m still sulking about this, but unfortunately I can’t come up with a better superhero status to challenge Christopher with yet.  Any ideas? 

Anyway it turns out that perhaps Mega Boy does indeed exist.  I was in London all day yesterday and when I returned Christopher had – fed the animals, done the washing up, got some logs in, taken my post to the post office and …wait for it….tackled a not inconsiderable pile of ironing.  Now I’m only going to say this quietly so he doesn’t get any ideas above his station – but this is suspiciously close to multi-tasking.   Has he been bluffing all this time about the ability to do several things at once?  Or is this Mega Boy at work?  And if it’s the latter do I have to call him by his new name (without laughing) in order to get him to do stuff?  To be honest I may be prepared to do this if it works – as long as he doesn’t want to wear Lycra and a cape – I’d draw the line at that.

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