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While we were in lockdown we spent a lot of time thinking about what Swallowtail Hill means to people. How they feel when they’re here, what they remember when they’re away and what they most miss.

Usually it comes down a feeling. Quite simply it’s how people feel when they are here. It’s that pause we provide to breathe deep and reconnect.  We started thinking about the music that captures something of that Swallowtail Hill feeling. Music that reflects our values and the things that are important to us - connection to nature, each other, and looking after the planet! Of course it’s entirely subjective, it might be that you don’t identify with our choices at all, but we thought we’d make a Swallowtail Hill playlist. Some of our selections simply just feel 'us' - they capture a moment in time like we hope you do when you're here. Have a listen on spotify here and see what you think. Does it make you Remember When you were last at Swallowtail Hill? If not – what tunes would? Let us know!


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