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My modelling career starts here.  Having had my hair cut today I have been roped in to model for the salon’s charity hair and make up show next month.  Sarah – my hairdresser - has promised me that I won’t be in the ‘old lady section’ and I think I trust her.  Post hair cut – I was despatched to the local boutique that is providing the clothes for the show, to be fitted for my outfit.  Lovely linens and chiffons – the sort of stuff I would have once worn when my life didn’t involve constant interaction with a) mud and b) animals.

The Rye Retreat is my local spa & salon and is refreshingly run with the style and confidence of a London outfit, but with all the warmth and customer service of a small town business that really cares about its clients.  I can’t speak of them highly enough.  The staff all get on very well and are great fun to be around.   It’s the one thing I miss about not working in an office any more  - the banter, camaraderie and gossip.   So I like to think of the staff at the salon as my substitute office pals when I’m in there.  I catch up on gossip and they fill me in on the latest dramas in their lives.  And there are plenty!  I get on particularly well with Sarah because she reminds me of myself at her age  - a gobby drama queen (and she won’t mind me saying that – cos she know’s it’s the truth!).  Last time I had my hair done she spent the whole session telling me just one story – it finished just as she completed my blow-dry and her face fleetingly registered alarm that she’d managed to talk non-stop for about an hour – recovering herself she looked at me, smiled and said sweetly ‘but that’s enough about me – how are you?’ and we both fell about laughing.  


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