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Now that they’ve settled in to their new home, I thought I should introduce you to Bert and Ernie our Indian Running Ducks.  Rather handsome chaps I think.  They do quite a bit of running around and are very chatty but obviously, being boys, they don’t do much. 

I was thinking of getting them some girlfriends so we can try and raise some of our own little ducklings, or at very least have some duck eggs.  But don’t tell Christopher – obviously I will have to introduce any new ducks by stealth and hope he doesn’t notice the rising numbers.  This isn’t going to be easy.  I will have to employ the same tactics that most women have employed at one time or another when they’ve splashed out on a new pair of overpriced shoes, stashed them in the wardrobe until the guilt wears off and then – on wearing them for the first time casually saying, ‘What?  These old things – I’ve had them ages’.  Clearly this is going to be less easy to achieve with ducks.  Keeping them in the wardrobe isn’t going to work for a start.  Any suggestions?

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