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Swallowtail Hill is all about conservation.  We aren’t just doing the work we do for fun (even though it is) or for our benefit (even though we do) – without wanting to sound too grand about it – we’re doing it for future generations.

The best way to explain why we do what we do is to share it.  So that’s exactly what we set out to achieve through our educational programme – in a variety of ways.

We love to have schools visit and discover what conservation is all about and how a truly biodiverse landscape is beneficial to the planet.  We also love it when seriously clever people – who know a lot more than we do – come and bring special interest groups to study the flora and fauna around the farm.  And we have a special place in our hearts for the Forest School at Swallowtail Hill which gives children from all sorts of backgrounds the opportunity to connect with nature and be inspired to learn outside the classroom.

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