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With backgrounds in marketing and communications we were once townies with dreams of living in the countryside.

For a long while Swallowtail Hill was our weekend escape and a holiday home, but as our love for the land grew – we knew that we wanted to be here full time.

We spent a long while talking about it and even longer planning it but once we actually upped sticks and moved here full time we never looked back.

The business began simply because we wanted to share the work we do on the farm with a wider audience and allow more people to enjoy our unique landscape.

We began by creating our very own style of eco-camping because we knew that our friends liked holidaying here so we had a hunch that other people would too. We asked some very skilled friends of ours to build us some amazing huts-on-wheels and some cosy cabins and we now offer four unique spaces perfect for glamping.

Providing a space for others to learn about conservation was also important to us, so we’ve worked hard to develop an educational programme for visiting schools.  We also offer special interest groups the opportunity to come and study here – so you’ll often find a butterfly count going on, or school group pond dipping and learning about bio-diversity.  In recognising the value of outdoor education Sarah has trained to lead a Forest School here at Swallowtail Hill and also runs a regular Wild Woodland Club for kids and in this way we hope to reach many children and inspire them with a love of the natural world.

Since moving to the country we have completely changed the way we live our lives and are always looking for further ways to tread more lightly on the planet.  We grow our own veg, some fruit, and raise an increasing number of animals – sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, alongside the family dogs and cats and not forgetting the tortoise!

While Sarah’s work is now totally focused on the glamping and education operations here at the farm Christopher’s knowledge and expertise on sustainability and the environment has led him to become a partner in sustainable development consultancy The Robertsbridge Group where he works with some of UK’s leading environmentalists.

We run our business as ethically as possible. Our small farm is 40 acres of traditional wildflower meadow, ancient woodland, hedgerow old and new, ponds, reed beds and free-range livestock – including Sid and Nancy the goats and Smiler the pig. We are climate neutral as an operation, and we use climate neutral suppliers wherever we can. We do all the other stuff you would expect to reduce our climate footprint and to encourage sustainability. None of which means we disapprove of a decent lifestyle!

We welcome questions about our life and business, or comments about the work we do; so if you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form on the site or email: info@swallowtailhill.com

Sarah and Christopher

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